Monday, August 10, 2009

Parliament Tutors

BTP's Opinion:

Pros: Best Value, Great Diagnostic Exams, Distinguished Tutors

Parliament Tutors is committed to helping students meet their academic and career goals. We offer first-rate academic enrichment at the start of any student’s education and we stay with our students until the very end of their academic careers, tutoring in all subjects from kindergarten through the MCAT.

Each lesson with Parliament Tutors draws upon an individualized lesson plan, geared to meet the particular needs of each student. Parliament Tutors sharpens students’ learning skills and teaches them how to solve new problems independently, leaving students with the abilities and the confidence they need to succeed.

Parliament Tutors selects only the most passionate, well-trained and distinguished tutors. They use approaches that make sense and teach strategies that work. They take advantage of every minute and never stop listening, learning and improving.

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