Monday, September 14, 2009

14 Best Interview Tips from College Admissions Counselors

By Hannah Watson


These tips will help you ace your college admissions interview.

  1. Be on time: It’s simple-show your responsibility by coming to the interview on time.
  2. Have a positive attitude: Bring a positive, friendly attitude to your interviews.
  3. Dress neatly: Avoid wearing anything that might be considered inappropriate.
  4. Show your personality: Let the admissions counselor know what you’re bringing by showing off your personality.
  5. Take business cards: Take the business cards of people you meet with so that you can follow up with a call or email if you have questions.
  6. Ask questions: The interview isn’t just a time for you to be assessed-get your essential questions answered, too.
  7. Be ready to talk about yourself: Keep in mind community service, activities, and other information your interviewer may want to know about.
  8. Avoid offending the interviewer: Stay away from swearing or expressing extreme beliefs.
  9. Don’t just answer yes or no: Offer thoughtful answers to questions.
  10. Show you’re interested: Make it clear that you want to be a part of the college you’re interviewing with.
  11. Prepare in advance: Get familiar with the college before your interview.
  12. Know why you’re visiting the college: You will probably be asked why you want to attend the college-so be prepared to answer this question.
  13. Send thank you notes: Stand out by sending a thank you note after you meet with an admissions counselor.
  14. Have documents ready: Show that you’re serious and ready by bringing your important documents with you.

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